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Our Fragrances include natural essential oils and are all naturally derived.

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Top Note: Peach, Lemon, Red Berry | Heart Note: Pomegranate, Red Apple, Peach | Bottom Note: Cherry

Pomegranate Scent

Fruity - Energizing

A burst of light and protection thanks to a powerful pomegranate boost awakened by reag natural berries and modern fruity blend for an intense moment of care.

Top Note: Apple, Lemon | Heart Note: Violet, Almond, Rose | Bottom Note: Vanilla, Cedarwood

Avocado Scent

Fresh - Modern - Juicy

A deep restore translated by a fresh and modern fragrance interpretation of Avocado. The fruit juiciness is counterbalanced by green facets and surrounded by soft woods to bring softness. 

Top Note: Ylang Ylang, Honey, Cedarwood | Heart Note: Rose, Iris, Fruity Accords | Bottom Note: Argan, Ambery Accord, Patchouly, Vanilla

Argan Scent

Woody - Floral - Ambery

The caring natural fragrance experience. Wild honey and precious ylang are the starts of the top note followed by the rich and sweet rose reclining into sensual iris and fruity accords. A rich combination of exotic vanilla and soft argan oil embrace the senses. The stage is set for the final backdrop of deep woody exotic patchouli in this natural caring fragrance.

Top Note: Melon, Pineapple | Hearn Note: Coconut, Almond | Bottom Note: Vanilla, Patchouli

Coconut Scent

Edible -Exotic Fruity - Coconut

The modern exotic, fruity and fresh fragrance reveals a delightful quenching coconut water surrounded by white woods. 

top Note: Mango, Apple, Melon, Pear, Passion Fruit | Hear Npte: Violet, Apricot, Rose, Gardenia | Bottom Note: Coconut, Praline

Passion Fruit Scent

Fruity - Elegant - Divine

Unctuous and light, the gourmand and divine accord of caring fruits make the fragrance very unique combined with elegant juicy sparkling notes.

Top Note: Green Lime, Bergamot, Lemon | Heart Note: Orange Blossom, Ginger, Melissa, Peony | Bottom Note: Floral Amber, Vetyver, Sandalwood, Ginger

Olive Scent

Floral - Citrus/Hesperidic - Woody

Emulating the fresh green yet warm vegetal aromas of a cold pressed premium olive oil. This fragrance expresses the summer sunshine through revitalising hesperidic and green notes leading into a warm floral, spicy heart that sits nobly in a pampering cushion of amber, vetyver and sandalwood. 

Top Note: Apple, Pear, Almond | Heart Note: Juicy, Green Notes | Bottom Note: Gourmand, Vanilla

Almond Scent

Sensual - Gourmand - Creamy

We created a natural almond note fragrance conveyed over a sensual and gourmand creamy background.