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Beauty positivity is an attitude to create a more beautiful world and a more beautiful you.


Being positive and doing positive things to yourself and others like eating vegan food, doing yoga, spending time with your squad...
What is YOUR beauty positivity? Check out our wall of beautypositivity, make a picture of yourself and be a part of our beauty positive tribe.

Discover Nature Box ambassadors

Nature Box ambassadors have revealed their secret to us: they are standing for natural beauty, beauty positivity and sustainability. Like us, they believe in the beautiful power of nature and people. They share Nature Box philosophy and lifestyle.


Discover their stories and who they are today to learn more about them.

Janina Uhse @janinauhse

“When I use a beauty product, it makes me feel comfortable because I use it very consciously”

Janina is a German actress and has a food blog, what is her second passion.
She loves Avocado and especially the cold pressed avocado oil line from Nature Box for hair and body. Discover here what is so special for her about Nature Box and much more.

Natalie Kotkova @natali_kot

“I love almond and I love nuts in general because I feel it is a good energy for you, for your skin and for your hair!”

Natalie comes from the Czech Republic. She is a famous travel and fashion blogger in love with Nature Box. Natalie shares here with us why she is using the Almond line from Nature Box and much more!

Ariel Corral @g0ldencorrvl

“Coconut does wonder for my hair”

And that´s exactly why Nature Box has dedicated one of its line to it!
Ambassador of Nature Box and NY influencer at the same time, Ariel shares here with us what is her morning beauty routine and much more.

Remy Morimoto Park @veggiekins

"A good product to me is natural, really simple with clean ingredients”

Remy is a wellness blogger, vegan recipe developer and yoga teacher.
She is passionate about the vegan lifestyle and uses only vegan beauty products, like Nature Box.
To get shiny hair and smooth skin, Remy has chosen the Apricot line from Nature Box.
Discover here what beauty positivity means to her and much more!

Jessica Andrea Hall @itsjessandrea

“What I like about Nature Box is that it brings positivity”

Jessica Andrea is a famous style blogger living in LA and is really into beauty and skincare.
The macadamia Line from Nature Box is her favourite one! It cares for her beautiful waves and soften her skin. Being an ambassador of Nature Box, she shares with us how she cares about herself and much more!

Hannah Müller-Hillebrand @ namastehannah

“The pomegranate line is suitable for colored hair”


Hannah is a German yoga artist located in vibrant Berlin. She leads a sustainable-conscious lifestyle.
She trusts cold pressed pomegranate oil line from Nature Box for hair and body. Discover here what is so special for her about Nature Box and much more.